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The Message Board Guidelines:

The Mahabubnagar.Com discussion board is a open message board and  provides interactive forum so that users can meet and share their ideas. The Mahabubnagar.Com online message board is open to all users - children and adults. Keep this in mind when deciding what you're going to post and avoid posting content designed to be offensive and make any viewer's experience of these sections unpleasant or harmful.

Policy Statement:

Content published by way of the Mahabubnagar.Com online boards is created by individuals and has not been developed or published by Mahabubnagar.Com unless otherwise indicated.

Individuals are solely responsible for the content published on the Mahabubnagar.Com Message board. Looksmart and The Mahabubnagar.Com does not review all such postings in those areas and does not endorse, nor is responsible for, the authenticity or accuracy of such user-posted content.

Users must provide a valid e-mail address in their posting. They must follow the guidelines below in order to maintain their ability to post content.

Reader Forum Guidelines

1. Users are responsible for the content and the effect of their posts. Users or groups may not post any photo, artwork or text that is unlawful; sexual in nature; libelous to any individual or entity; racist; invasive of the privacy of another individual; vulgar or obscene; tortious; abusive; harassing; threatening; harmful or otherwise objectionable; that either does or may infringe upon any rights of any other individual; or that comprises hate speech. Users who post such content will have their registration revoked and their post(s) removed and will be unable to further publish content to our web sites.

2. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children's behavior on the Web. We believe that parents should oversee their children's activities on the Internet.

3. Commercial advertisements of any type will be removed. This forum is strictly not intended to publicize interest in selling, or solicit interest in buying, any product. For commercial postings you can use our free classifieds section.

4. If any post meeting the criteria set forth in rule 1 comes to our attention, it is immediately subject to removal by Mahabubnagar.Com. Additionally, any posters who repeatedly violate the guidelines or repeatedly have their posts will be taken legal action according to Indian law. Additionally, webmaster of Mahabubnagar.Com reserves the right to remove any post and revoke privileges from any poster any time we deem it in the best interest of our on-line community to do so.

5. If you feel that you have had a post removed wrongly or in error or feel that your posting privileges have been wrongly withheld, please contact the webmaster@mahabubnagar.com

Thread Policy

1. The hosts of this board will occasionally be asked to delete threads which are nothing more than "one-upmanship" or "Schoolyard banter," (since they are usually in conflict with this boards intended purpose), and in some cases will do so.

2. We're now requesting users of this board voluntarily stay on topic - limit your discussions to issues that pertain to section of the Mahabubnagar.Com online where the board is located. Readers, please do not "feed" off-topic threads if they appear. Posters who continue to start these threads will subject themselves to the same repercussions (see rule No. 4) taken against anyone else who does not follow the guidelines of these boards.

3. Keep in mind that this is a privately operated bulletin board and a free service we offer to everyone who are interested to discuss. Threads that we consider to be in violation of this policy will be reviewed and taken down at the discretion of the board host.


- Have Fun


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