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Plea to save Alumpur temples

Hyderabad, April 18: State Archaeology and Museums former director V V Krishna Sastry has stressed the need for protecting the ancient temples of Alumpur in Mahbubnagar district.

Delivering a lecture on the Temples of Alumpur on the occasion of the World Heritage Day here on Wednesday, Sastry, who has done considerable research on these ancient structures, said they were some of the marvellous archaeological sites in the country. The temples built before the Christian era merited inclusion in the list of world heritage sites, he said. He appealed to the State to develop the Alumpur temples into a pilgrimage and tourist centre.

The lecture was conducted by Salarjung Museum. Museum director A K V S Reddy welcomed the gathering.


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: XA- Ey-Ǣ ¹ Eq-X - VŌXp NՒ---Vx Eq-x ¹ Eo-N-ĩ -¹-J-h-o. J --- X{d--E Eo--fx G-%Cl êu-¹-֩ 䮾ho.

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: Ōh *a ¹N--ʪ ǯ u -¹ל, 䪽pJ Eo N--x ᢟբ Xթ 䮾h-o. բ* ĩ---¹~-˒ X ͌a-¹ע-Ǫ. Ō ϦsC XE--{ 䟿o -X- E ƪ--Xp- --L-- J XE-B-թ Ō ֪p *aC.

X: j-͵j-t- o uh Kd C ê B--n- Kd C-- C. -¹ O¹ ՟u Ǣ -ĩ o. ¢-բ* Eթ æd N-բ O¹ \ N -¹-J-h-o?
: Eq--L XJ-- N-բ- Ō- N-բ- j ͵jt ë  ß-Ւ {-o. Õ-̧ Kd j uh-Ō oǢ o ê- ֫՟u -u-¹--i --- C. ¹ ¹x բ-Ւ J ë é-é բ* ¹ NՓŌ՜. HX X բ* Eթ Eq--Md æd N-բ ǒï -¹-J-h-o.

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: ÆZ XŌy բ* NN X-é ˢ N- Ä-Lq Eթ N-բ Eo -u \p--Ō-o. Eq-X o--C--թ, nE¹ C--թ, ϦsC, ç-¹ש -- ÚE C--Nբ* -u- XJ--J-͌-¹ע-{կo.

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: Eq-X Eq- é o XhŌ բA ͌--Ȫ ¹؜ Eq-. Xp բ* lJ ՟u uh--Ō o-X-y¹ -ĩ o. ͵jt- Eo-j--Xp բ* բA Eo N--x { pC* -¹-J-h-o.

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: -\--C -Xo X--O-¹~ 骢-Īx Ey-Ǣ-͌ x Xo Xl--Ōh XJ-T { îh-. Ƣ-x X--բ* Cl-ժ E- u¹h---Ōբ- E. C XŌy Egբ æd ի pC-͌ ǒբ-. N-բ X JN- XϚ- --h ğu-i-ʢŌ ժ¹ Xo ŌT_--¹ ¹%-h. ¹ Ɠ¹ @- N-բ ¹N--ʪ d ͌u B-¹ע-{-o.

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: X{d- ğX 300 ¹ Ɠ¹ @- o{x y x--C. 100 ¹-¹-x - -Tâ. yg-Ōq-é ʢ-Ō Sx y Ey-Ǣ* Ɠ¹ ¹-¹x Jh* -T* -D-¹-Xj ͌u B-¹עǢ.

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: yg-Ōq-é Ey--¹ XŌy բ* Ǣ Eթ é䟿. Eq--L Eթ բ* ¹-Xj ¹؜ X--T-͌-- 䟿. X{d--E ğX 100 բC X-- Ō \-C-բ* J d-X-y-¹ ho E-- yg-Ōq-- Xʢ Ey-Ǣ--¹ \p{x Ǣ.

X: yg-Ōq-é -s X{d X-¹ OJ-y- -¹ \i o?
: Eq--L \p 50 \@x XJh--, Ōq-- ǧ֢ Ey-Ǣ-͌ Ɵ%d. ð-N-Ō Jh-͌--_ Nբ. -s X{d- ʩx ¹-¹x -¹ B-¹ע-{o -- ğu-i-ʢŌ Ō¹׈ 殢-¹ -A Ģ. N-Eo Ōq-é -s X¹-˲h.

X: a---@x X{d-Eo G-%Cl 䧌---¹-o. Ƣ¹ Oիl \i X-R¹ ?
: a---@x գ---- X{d-Eo y բ- BJa-C-l---¹ע-{-o. Ƣ-¹- . 60 ¹~- Xl 窽ի ĢŌ բ--i ĪՈ, ՟u u>-¹ \p{ h. . 80 ¹~- u-բC ¹تa--¹ OՒ \ --Jբ, . 1.15 {x B--, ..--{dx F u¹ש Et, ǣt-Ü, Ō---⪽ ՟u ¹؜ ¹ F u¹ EJt* X{d- XA-W ʩx y F ƢC--¹ ¹% h.

X: -i X-R-¹ o?
: Xԩ >---骜f, ի֢x â͌-u, բA ͌--- -- X{d- Ƣ wj un \p{, éՒ ĪՈ, XC-{x jǫ֮d j{x \p-{ { ·-X- X¹ ǒ X{d--E Eq--L êu--Eo, -Z-Ϛ .-.--u--֩ -- 殄 ¢- \p{ h.


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