Railway network in Mahabubnagar District

The Hindu : `Many projects ignored in Rly. Budget'

Railway Station contacts

New Railyway line connecting Gadwal and Raichur
Union Minister of State for Railways, Bandaru Dattatreya laid the foundation-stone for a railway line connecting Gadwal in Mahabubnagar district to Raichur in Karnataka. Addressing the gathering, the minister said that a sum of Rs. 10 crores would be spent on the line by using the surplus funds of the South Central Railway.

Gadwal - Raichur Railwayline
Length of Railway Line 58.80 Kilometers
Estimated Cost Rs. 108.91 Crores
No. of Stations 3


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Train Timings

For detailed and uptodate train schedules, reservations, cancelletions and other railway information, please visit South Central Railway


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