Historical Maps of India from 650 BC

16 Mahajanapadas, 650 BC - 320 BC


Early Historic India c. 600 - 300 BC - courtesy Dr. Dilip Rajgor


Buddhist India c. 550 BC - courtesy Dr. Dilip Rajgor


India at 500 BC


India during Ashoka's time - 250 BC


Major post-Mauryan powers: Indo-greeks, Indo-Parthians, Sakas, Satavahanas, Sungas


India at 150 AD


India during Gupta Empire - 400 AD


India at 640 AD


India at 900 AD


India at 1030 AD


Sultanate of Delhi Under Iltutmish, 1236 AD


Empire of Muhammad bin Tughluq, 1335 AD


Bahamani Kingdom in 14th Century


India on the eve of Babur's invasion, 1526 AD


Deccan Sultanates & Vijayanagar Kingdom, 16th Century AD


Mughal Empire at the death of Akbar, 1605 AD


Mughal Empire at the end of 17th century AD


India in 1805 AD


India in 1856 AD


Map of India in 1937 (from British Museum) - Princely States shown in Yellow



Princely States & British India in 1947 AD


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