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* 1944: took charge of the administration of Wanaparthy State at the age of 21, one of the first to offer accession, and integration and merger of the State with the Indian Union

* 1950-1957: joined the Foreign Service, was posted as First Secretary, India's Commission in Nairobi (East Africa; subsequently served in West Africa, where he opened India's new Mission

* 1957 and subsequently in 1962, 1967, 1971 and 1977: elected Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha

* 1960-1961: Member of the United Nations Conciliation Commission on the Congo

* 1964-1998: Chairman, Orient Longman.


J. Rameshwar Rao (1923-1998):

Best Parliamentarian Sri S. Jaipal Reddy


Ministers from Mahabubnagar District

Dr.N.Janardhan Reddy
Minister for Food , Civil Supplies, Legal Metrology, Consumer Affairs

Tel No: 3455998, 3459468 (O)
            3392655, 3397331 (R)

Minister for Law and Courts 

Tel No:
3453208 3453209 (O)
            3236245 (R)
Email :

Sports & Youth Services, CMEY

Email :



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S.Jaipal Reddy

Jaipal Reddy's growth

PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIPS AT PRESENT - Member of General Purposes Committee, Committee of Privileges, Committee on Provision of Computers for MPs, Off. of Parties, Off.of LSS, and Committee on Finance

Present Address:  14, Akbar Road, New Delhi - 110011
(011) 3792634

Permanent Address: H.No. 6-70, Madgul Village, MahabubNagar, Andhra Pradesh
(040) 3547122

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Dr.N.Janardhan Reddy

Being a MBBS Graduate, Dr. N. Janardhan Reddy was born on 22nd May 1948 in Nagapur village in Mahbubnagar District. He was Lions Club President at Narayankhed in Mahbubnagar District. He was elected thrice from Nagarkurnool Constituency for the State Assembly. He held various ministries like Prohibition, Forest, Environment, Health & Medical in the State Government. 



Dr.N.Janardhan Reddy



Mr. Chandrasekhar was born on 15th July 1949 in Mahbubnagar District. He is a B.Com., LLB graduate. He entered into politics in 1982 for the first time and worked as APSDC Chairman. He was Panchayatraj and Transport Minister in NTRís Cabinet.



A.P.Jithender Reddy

Jithender Reddy is current Member of Parliament from Mahabubnagar Constituency. Jithender Reddy who had contested the last elections on the NTR-TDP ticket and BJP ticket managed to win 13th Loksabha election. Jithender Reddy who is the managing director of the UAE-based National Trading Company (LLC), and is also an exporter and distributor of consumables, medical kits and engine oils apart from running departmental stores in Hyderabad. Currently he is also the member of Committee on Defence (Central Govt.)

Present Address: 14, Windsor Place, New Delhi - 110001
(011) 3782536

Permanent Address: Plot No. 9, Road No. 2, Banjara Hills,  Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh-34
(040) 3608653, 3544714

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Dr. M. Jagannath

Dr.M. Jagannath is current MP from Nagar Kurnool loksabha constituency. Born in Raichoor, Karnataka.

PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIPS AT PRESENT - Member of Committee on Subordinate Legislation and Committee on Human Resource Development

Present Address    9, Ferozshah Road,
New Delhi - 110001
(011) 3782769

Permanent Address H. No. B-27/F1, Madannapet Colony,
Hyderabad- 500659


Click here for M.Jagannath's Detailed Bio from Loksabha Database

Debates (Proceedings)

Special Mentions


Government Bills

Private Members`Bills


Dr. Mallu Ravi

Dr. Mallu Ravi, brother of Late Shri. A.R.Mallu. is Ex-M.P from Nagar kurnool parliament constituency.

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Mallikarjun is Ex.M.P from Mahabubnagar Constituency. Initially he was M.P from medak and offered his seat to Smt.Indira Gandhi. Then after he was M.P from Mahabubnagar.

Detailed bio from Loksabha

Smt. V.Jhansi Rani

Jhansi Rani is State BJMM President. She is born in Achampet


OLD Records:


N.Janardhan Reddy

Kishta Reddy


Y. Chandra Shekhar

P.Chandra Shekhar

R.Chandrasekhar Reddy

K.Madhusudana Rao

K.Prakash Reddy

Bharatasimha Reddy


K.Dayakar Reddy

Y.Ella Reddy

N.Surya Narayana

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