Agriculture issues

NRMP(ICRISAT) Director Visits Collaborative Research Program at Palem! (19/9/2001)

Dr. Barry I. Shapiro, Director, NRMP, visited the on-going collaborative research program at the Regional Agricultural Research Station of the Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) at Palem, Mahabubnagar district, Andhra Pradesh, India on 19 September.

Sorghum and castor-based systems are the major rainfed cropping systems of the Southern Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. The productivity of these systems is very low (around 0.5 t ha-1)due to low and variable rainfall and nutrient poor soils. A collaborative research project between ICRISAT, ANGRAU & FAO/IAEA on Management of nitrogen and evaluation of water use efficiency in traditional and improved cropping systems of Southern Telangana Region was started during 1999.

The objectives of the research are to develop options for improving the N and P nutrition and water use efficiency of dryland cropping systems in this region and to evaluate alternatives to the traditional sorghum and castor-based systems. The project includes studies of the constraints that limit farmers crop productivity and capacity to adopt technologies. The on-station research is mainly strategic in nature addressing the constraints such as water and nutrients. Promising alternatives from the strategic research are being tried in farmers fields of two nearby villages. We plan to use modeling to extrapolate these results to a larger area in the eco-region.

Dr. Shapiro interacted with the collaborating scientists of ANGRAU and the farmers (right). He was pleased with the progress of the research and he gave valuable suggestions to include economic analysis of the traditional and improved systems in the farmers fields, and to accommodate both farmers and improved crop varieties for meeting both fodder needs of the farmer and higher grain productivity.

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