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CM promises fair deal to Mahabubnagar

By Our Correspondent (Hindu)

MAHABUBNAGAR AUG. 7. The Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu, on Wednesday said all proposed irrigation projects in the district would be completed as early as possible.

Inaugurating the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Mahabubnagar Municipality by unveiling a pylon on the municipal office premises, Mr. Naidu said all the proposed projects could not be constructed at a time.

In an oblique reference to the Congress rule, he said Mahabubnagar, which had rich resources, was not backward but had been kept backward. The drinking water supply scheme in the municipality was completed only during his regime, he said, adding that the headquarters hospital was developed at a cost of Rs. 5 crores.

The Chief Minister announced sanction of Rs. 2 crores for laying drinking water pipelines in the town and Rs. 60 lakhs for construction of an auditorium.

The Law Minister, P.Chandra Sekhar, urged the Chief Minister to sanction a green park and underground drainage to the town.

The municipal chairperson, S.Prakash, presided.

The Chief Minister released a booklet `'Jagriti'' brought out by the municipality.

Earlier, in the town, Mr. Naidu inaugurated NTR Girls Degree College building, Kalyana mandapam and Padmashali Bhavan constructed with MP funds sanctioned by Rajya Sabha member R.Ramachandraiah.

The Chief Minister also inaugurated a flyover and Ambedkar Kala Bhavan.

Later, he felicitated the former municipal chairpersons, R.Srinivasa Rao, G.Ramalingam and B.Balakishta Reddy.

Apparel parks for Vizag, Mahabubnagar

By Our Staff Reporter(Hindu)

VISAKHAPATNAM FEB. 17. Apparel parks will be set up in Visakhapatnam and Mahabubnagar with an investment of Rs. 27.5 crores each to promote exports from the State, said Bojjala Gopalakrishna Reddy, Minister for Small Scale Industries.

The Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation had already acquired 130 acres of land in Aganampudi village on Visakhapatnam outskirts to build the infrastructure from April this year, which would eventually provide wage employment to about 60,000 persons and self-employment to about 15,000 persons, the Minister told reporters here on Sunday.

The projected value of apparels to be exported from Vizag once all units in the park were functional was about Rs.130 crores and the total project implementation time would be 27 months, but the State Government would make efforts to shorten this period, Mr. Reddy said. It will have a training centre also.

Out of the total investment in the project, the Centre would finance Rs.17 crores, the State Government Rs.6.05 crores and the APIIC would develop the entire park with its funds amounting to Rs.4.5 crores.

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X-ɪ >xx ǒ -¹----N Jh-* բ-ǩx . 2450 {x uբ Ju Et- X-Eo ƫթ h. Ւ X¹ X- C ¹؜ ƫ--ŌբC. XX͌ u պ -բ ʜ d Ōh uբ js Ō պ, Xjp-Ō â{Ւ Ƣ-ŌբC. -@x-{ C ---ŌբC. yբ ɧ X-¹ Jn¹ ɧբ, yբ C P¹~ êu-¹-֩, -u -բ Ō ¹Lp L¹ -¹~ X-é, ɪ Ō, X-¹ N E y{, o N F--A \u170p{, e-ɪ, ǩ Jt¹ un Et- êu-¹-- թ X--ê. ʩj ¹~ ¹{բ-- Ju ¹ -¹ B-¹--h-o -- Kd Eo-¹ X-R¹ Òl--E -- XŌy X-Eo X-dC.
X¹ ǒ L-¹  ÆZ 64 Ōh 骮--E-թ Ī--- . 282 {x uբ \u339C --p-ê. N Nu -Ōq բ XE--{ Ī-G-h. ¹ש, _ ENŌh ¹ע X ¹{բ--¹ C L-¹- թ 䪽a--Ǫ. բ* 14 -Ōq-é ՟u ծ --J Ī--x Gb q Ey-Ǣ* ŌyŌ 骒u- ֈ@x X ¹Lp-h. ֈ \u170p-{¹ . 4.5 {x *a-h. 骮--E-թ Ī--x բ* Bh-g Ō XL-é h-{ Ú u X-E XŌy Eg--*C.
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ÆZ XŌy, nE¹ n, - n XJ-C-E u--¹ -J-* .. \u339C -J ¹ D բ* ƫ---h. ¢ XŌy Īt Xê 3.272 Ō X-- {բC. DE-x ÆZ X-ŌyXj . 233.93 {x Ǫ X-ŌբC. ë êu--z-¹ ¹ . j Xp Ɯ .. Lx-h. -- >.X.-X. --h. Ōh Ō-ʢ--{ h.
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