Cherri and Tony Blair's Vattem Visit


Blairs have a feel of rural life in A.P.
By T. Lakshmipathi

VATTAM (Mahabubnagar Dt), JAN. 6. This tiny village in the backward Mahabubnagar district came alive when the visiting British Prime Minister, Tony Blair and Cherie descended here this afternoon to have a glimpse of the rural life.

For the kids of the Upper Primary School here, it was a memorable day as they came face to face with the Blairs for an interactive session which lasted nearly an hour. Their faces lit up when the Blairs, accompanied by the Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu, walked in and mingled freely with them.

The village wore a festive look. Children, holding the Indian and British flags aloft, lustily cheered the visiting dignitaries.

``I am delighted to be amidst you,'' a beaming Mr. Tony Blair proclaimed as the children responded with a thunderous applause. Sixth class student Mamatha had the rare privilege of being photographed flanked by the Blairs.

Nagamani was assisting her parents on cotton fields till the other day. She is now among the privileged lot to be admitted in what has come to be known as ``bridge school'' for child labourers. ``I shall not leave the school, come what may,'' she declared before the visiting dignitaries.

One after the other, the children stood up and introduced themselves to the British Prime Minister as the battery of videographers and photographers clicked on merrily. The Chief Minister, for a while, played the role of a translator, conveying to the Mr. Blair what all kids had to say in Telugu. ``I shall become a doctor,'' pledged Shivakumari.

The dignitaries were welcomed with ``Kolatam'' dance by a group of girls. ``Do you know who has come here?'' Mr. Naidu asked Meena. ``Yes sir, Tony Blair, Chandrababu and Janardhan Reddy (Minister),'' replied Meena.

``I welcome Prime Minister Vajpayee Garu and the Chief Minister,'' said an excited Savithramma, Vidyalaya committee chairman, much to the amusement of those present. But she promptly corrected herself. ``This village is transformed because of the DFID grant and our people are happy and they can never forget your aid,'' Mr. Naidu told the visiting Prime Minister.

After the interaction with children, the Blairs and the Chief Minister went round the exhibition put up by DWCRA women. Mrs. Blair picked up a ``Lambada`` dress and stuffed a note of 20 pounds into the hands of an embarrassed woman.

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G{ XE F-x- d ëEo -Jz-͌{ ʢ- C. Xp- ¹--ï E-X-hC. --Ōբ-E ¹@- ¹؜ Ǣ-͌-䟿. ¹ d ëբ X--ȩ J ֪. >x¹ JŌ թ 䧌L. Nu- G-%Cl -L. Xˢ -¹d-¹ Eթ yL. Ē-F-- X-J¹ ծu B-ŌբC.
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Ƨu! x h-o-.. ¹ L-՟. j ¹L Xթ ˒ -¹-Ō-o. x ƪ XՒ V---oC. J Eo êx, Ō-բCXp é䟿. j բ*- E-X-hC. a-- ¹׫բ* 䮾h-{. ¹ Xϩx-¹, L-Ō-¹ X-͌a--E Xl-ǯ ÄL.
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G{ XE ë-E h-E ¹ ¹؜ ܣǢ͌-䟿. C ë X Ɵ%d. XŌy ë-E Xp- թ ϢC. ¹ >x¹ թ --ŌբC. C ƫ---Xj ¹؜ %d J-L.
Xˢ -¹d-¹ Eթ ƫ-
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G{ XE d ë-E ë{ Xp-E ʢ-Eo ¹L-T-hC. -¹ A-u-N-*a d ëEo z ëբ BJa-C-lL. d ë XJ-nA Xp ժՒ_ C. >x X-J¹ - Ē-F ÄL. G{ XŌy Xˢ -¹d-¹ E-L*a --L.
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â骜f, p*, d
p-* o ǧ֢ F-x- ¹- a ƫ-ì ë{ Ɵ%d. ¹ Ōh X Ō-J-͌-¹עC. >x ¹؜ ¹ ֪L. Ē-F h >x¹ թ --ŌբC. x XŌy Ú Eթ yL.
>x¹ թ -L
ǩâ, ְ p*
XX͌ Ɠ- XE d -Jz-͌{ ʢ C. ƢŌ Xl uh ¹- h-E¹@ ¹؜ Ǣ-͌-䟿. ¹ d X--ȩ J--֪. ëբXj Xu-{ ¹׈ Xǫ ͌X-C. C z ëբ ƫ-C. NՒ ë- Lh d Jn-¹ բ* nA- C. Xu-{ >x¹ թ -L. ĒF ÄL. >x oŌ Nu---ǩ ժ--X-L.
Xϩx--@x¹ Xl ¹dL Ī
Ōot, ¹M, d
Ī! Xϩx-@} ͌---E Xl ¹dL Ī! ƪ Xj . ¹M h X{---hC. Xϩx ͌---E ɮd ¹؜ ¹dL Ī!




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