Health and Medical Infrastructure

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Free treatment  in any CDR hospitals under Jeevandata scheme for Accidents

Health and Medical: The district has fairly well developed health infrastructure

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Major government medical institutions and the health personnel working in these institutions are given below.

Table-3: Govt. Medical Institutions and health personnel in Mahabubnagar district

Medical institution/ health
personnel (in position)
District hospital 1
Civil hospital 4
Community health centers 5
Primary health centers 75
Sub centers 539
Medical Officers 139
Health supervisors 212
Health workers 760
Laboratory technicians 59

National Surveillance Programme for Communicable Diseases:

National Surveillance Programme for Communicable Diseases (NSPCD) was started in Andhra Pradesh during 1997-98 and districts Mahabubnagar and East Godawari were selected for operationalizing the programme in the state. The State Rapid Response Team (SRRT) was trained at National Institute of Communicable Diseases, Delhi during 7th to 18th September 1998. Most of the then trained members of RRT have retired or transferred from the department. Hence, new state RRT has been reconstituted in February 2001. The Additional Director (Communicable Diseases) (Tel.: 040- 465 6988, E-mail acts as the State Nodal Officer for the NSPCD in Andhra Pradesh. Institute of Preventive Medicine (IPM), Hyderabad has been identified as the Regional Laboratory for the NSPCD in the state.

NSPCD cell has been set up at district level at Mahabubnagar. District Medical & Health Officer (DM&HO) acts as the district nodal officer. District RRT has been constituted and trained at Hyderabad. The composition of the present RRT (as of July, 2001) of Mahabubnagar is in Table-3.

Table-4. Mahabubnagar District RRT

Name, Designation and address Trained
District Health Chief & District Nodal Officer
Dr. V. Sethu Madhava Rao,
District Medical & Health Officer,
Old Hospital Building,
Telefax: 08542- 42204, 49692
Tel.: 08542- 46066 (NSPCD Cell),      EPIDEMIOLOGIST
District RRT other Members
Dr. Madan Mohan Reddy,
Medical Officer,
P.H.C. Bhootpur, Dist. Mahabubnagar
Tel.: 08546-45922           CLINICIAN (Pediatrician)
Dr. K. Amarendra Reddy,
Civil Surgeon (Microbiology),
Institute of Preventive Medicine,
Hyderabad- 500029
Telefax: 040- 7568167 E-mail:
Shri B. Maheswar, Distt. Malaria Officer,
Old Hospital Building,
Tel: 08542- 41437           ENTOMOLOGIST
Dr. K. Gopal Rao, Project Officer (Distt. Trg. Team),
Old Hospital building,
Tel: 08542- 43834           Special member

Most of the medical officers of the PHCs/CHCs and paramedicals of the district have been trained under NSPCD. A computer has been installed.

Due to non-availability of microbiologist at district hospital and because of the fact that there is no public health laboratory in the district; Institute of Preventive Medicine (IPM), Hyderabad has been identified as the district laboratory and has been strengthened. Laboratory data from IPM for 2000 and 2001 are shown in Table-4.

Table -5. Laboratory data from IPM, Hyderabad 2000-2001

Test 2000 2001
No. tested No. tested
Water bacteriology 3722 583 (Jan. to Mar.)
Stool culture 46 14 (Jan. to May)
Blood culture 37 15 (Jan. to May)
Widal 534 137 (Jan. to May)
HBs Ag 20,407 5477 (Jan. to May)

The district nodal officer is sending the monthly and weekly reports to the NICD, Delhi. Morbidity and mortality data reported from the district are given in Table-6.


Outbreak of acute diarrhoeal disease, April 2001

An outbreak of acute diarrhoeal disease occurred in the district in the last week of April 2001. The cases were reported from 12 villages of three mandals (Ghattu, Madnakal and Ieez). About 140 people were affected with vomiting and diarrhoea. No death was reported.

Investigation indicated the probable source to be contaminated water. Water samples were collected and sent for bacteriological examination. Three mobile teams were deployed for providing medical relief to the victim. Early management of cases, chlorination of all water sources, repair of leakages in pipeline, intensive IEC campaign and strengthening of epidemiological surveillance resulted in the cessation of outbreak.

Outbreak of acute diarrhoea, July, 2001

An outbreak of acute diarrhoea has been notified in the district by local Telgu daily newspaper dated 22nd July, 2001. The rapid response team of the district investigated the episode and a total of 14 cases of acute diarrhoea were admitted in civil hospital, Kodangal. All cases have recovered and discharged from hospital. Investigation indicated the probable source to be contaminated water. Medical and para medical team were deployed for taking control and preventive measures.


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