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Mahabubnagar district headquarters town was named after Mir Mahabub Ali Khan, the Nizam of Hyderabad. It is located between 160 and 170 N, latitudes and 770 and 790 E, longitudes. It is bounded on the north by Rangareddy and Nalgonda districts, on the east by Nalgonda and Guntur districts, on the south by the rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra and on the west by Raichur and Gulbarga districts of Karnataka State. The area of the district is 18,432 sq. kms.

The district may be physiographically divided into more or less two distinct regions, the plains region with low lying scattered hills and the extensive Amarabad-Farhabad plateau, a continuous range of hills, of an average, elevation of about 800 meters, extending more or less, east-west along the Krishna river on the southern boundary of the district. The hill range is interspersed by several deep valleys, which are almost inaccessible from the plains.

The forests in this district are known to contain timber trees like bijasal (pterocarpus marsupiun), Nalla maddi (terminalia tomentosa), Eppa (Hardwickia binata), ebony, teak, babul (Acacia arabica), mango and tamarind. The forest consists of brushwood, tarvar (cassia auriculata) and other plants used for fuel.

Two important rivers, viz. Krishna and Tungabhadra flow through the district. The Krishna river enters Andhra Pradesh in Makthal taluk of this district and covers Makthal, Gadwal, Atmakur, Wanaparthi, Kollapnr, Alampur and Achampet taluks. The Tungabhadra flows through the taluks of Gadwal and Alampur. The Dindi River, which is a tributary of the Krishna flows through Kalvakurthi and Achampet and joins the Krishna River, 18 miles east of Chandragiri. Pedavagu and Chinavagu are the other tributaries of the Krishna in the district.

The principle foodgrain crops in Mahabubnagar district are rice, jowar, bajra and ragi while, the principle commercial crops are groundnut, castor, chillies and tobacco. Red-gram is the major pulse crop.

Minerals: Andhra Pradesh is a Mineral rich State ranking 2nd in the Country containing a vast and variety of Mineral Wealth particularly Industrial Minerals. Mahabubnagar district land has abundant resources for many minerals like Diamonds, Gold, Semi Precious/ Abrasive/ Decorative stones, Asbestos, Clays, Quartz/ Quartzite, Feldspar/ Nephilene Syenite, Limestone Slabs etc. Surprisingly most of the mineral reserves in the district are still untapped

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In most of the areas, Mahabubnagar district infrastructure is not worse but Mahabubnagar district is facing severe shortage of water and electricity, though 2 major rivers flows through the district. Lack of industries also adds to high level of unemployment problem in the district and the palamoor people often tend to migrate from the district.

Infrastructure Links:

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